Swing Bed Program in Martin County

The Swing Bed Program is geared toward rebuilding your health by improving your strength and helping you gain the Independence you desire before returning home.
If life has set you back through an illness, injury, or surgery and you find yourself needing a little extra time, The Swing Bed Hospital Care Program may be just what you need. The Swing Bed Program is located within Martin County Hospital, a short 20-minute commute from either Midland or Big Spring, Texas.

Our swing bed program offers:

Acute hospital-based nursing care around the clock with a high nurse-to-patient ration

Medical and/or physical nursing rehabilitation

In-house physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapy

In-house laboratory, X-ray/CT Scan, ultrasound, and pharmacy

Access to service from a dietitian, social worker, activity director, and a wound care nurse

Individualized care

PICC line/midline placement and management

Long-term IV antibiotic treatment

Hospitalist for weekly visits and as needed

Wound Care

The wound care management program at Martin County Hospital District is designed to help patients who are experiencing acute, chronic, infected or slow-healing wounds. With the collaboration of our providers and a certified wound care specialist, we provide an individualized treatment plan of care for each patient and their specific wound care needs. Types of Wounds Treated Include:


Surgical Wounds

Infected Wounds

Acute Traumatic Wounds

Arterial and Venous Ulcers

Diabetic Ulcers

Pressure Ulcers

Wound Care Treatments May Include:

Wound Vac Therapy

Antibiotic Therapy

Vascular Studies


Our ultimate goal is to reach complete healing. However, some wounds require more time than a hospital stay allows. Our exceptional Swing Bed Program offers extended care for patients, allowing them to continue their care on an outpatient basis after being discharged to their own homes.

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