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We commit to bringing to you all the health care needs your condition may require. We commit to taking care of you at home.

When you had only been released from the hospital, we are here to continue the proper care for you. When you are ill, injured, or in any disabling experience, you can count on us in providing you all the assistance you need in order to make your recovery faster, feel better, and more comfortable in your home.

Below are the following home health care services that we offer:

Occupational Therapy

Services given to help you return to usual activities (like bathing, preparing meals, and housekeeping) after illness either on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Skilled Nursing:

Care given or supervised by registered nurses. Nurses provide direct care; managing, observing, evaluating, assessing and educating patients and  their family/caregiver. Examples include: administering injections, IV administration and maintenance, tube feedings; wound care including changing dressing and wound vac care, education and monitoring of disease processes and medication management. Ostomy care, education and support.  Any service that could be done safely by a non-medical person (or by yourself) without the supervision of a nurse is not considered a skilled nursing care need. Medicare covers home health skilled nursing care that is part time and intermittent.

Physical Therapy:

Treatment of injury and disease by mechanical means, like heat, light, exercise, and massage.

Speech Therapy

This is the study of communication problems. Speech therapists assist with problems involving speech, language, and swallowing. Communication problems can be present at birth or develop after an injury or illness, like a stroke.

Additional Services


Medical Social Work


Home Health Aide


Medication Management


Education & Teaching


P.A.L.S./Life Alert


IV Therapy


Wound care and dressing changes


Wound vac maintenance

We accept Private Pay, Medicare, and most Private/Major Insurances. 

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