Wellness Center in Martin County


The wellness center is one of the newest additions to the MCHD facility. Our state of the art wellness center strives to serve members at every fitness level. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, or keeping up your current fitness level, the MCHD Wellness Center has you covered. The new Wellness Center facility is equipped with recumbent bikes, upright bikes, elliptical, treadmills, rowing machines, as well as other specialized workout equipment. There are circuit weight machines, free weights, a functional trainer and much more! You can jump rope or use the training balls, bench press or walk. Join or start a class for group fun and fitness!

Well-Equipped Health Center in Martin County

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A hospital is about so much more than medical and emergency services. In serving the Martin County community, MCHD seeks to be the number one destination for health and wellness. It is for this reason that we founded our wellness facility – a complete health and fitness center stocked with everything you need to get in shape and stay that way, while developing good lifestyle habits and getting expert help with your health and training.

The health and wellness center at MCHD offers you everything you need to help you improve your health and lifestyle. We have two cable towers with weights and attachments to assist in toning and muscle-building. You can also use our selection of free weights for your muscle training. For cardiovascular exercise, we offer four ellipticals, two seated ellipticals, and a stationary bike.

The center is staffed by knowledgeable and experienced fitness experts who are always willing to lend a hand, and ensure that you get the full benefit of their expertise.

Expert Medical Emergency Services

Why Choose The MCHD Wellness Center?

If you want a wellness option that is close to home, the MCHD Wellness Center is perfect for you. You can get in shape right here in Martin County, with full access to all the equipment and expert help you need. For more information on our wellness center in Martin County, contact us today.

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